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How to get there

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By Air

Airlines Serving Pescara Airport are: Eurofly (to and from New York,...), RyanAir (to and from London & Frankfurt...), Air One (to and from Milan & Pisa,...), ItAli Airlines (to and from Rome & Milan,...),  Hamburg International (to and from Munich,...).

Pescara airport is only a short bus ride away from the city centre of Pescara. And there is a regular bus service between Pescara and Penne (every hour).
By Train
  • For information on trains between Roma Fiumicino Airport and Pescara, go to  Enter “Fiumicino Aeroporto” and “Pescara Centrale” as your Leaving From and Going To locations.  From the airport, you will need to change trains at Roma Termini (ROMA TE) or Roma Tiburtina (ROMA TIB) stations.  The fare is approximately €17 per person and the ride takes about 4:30 hours.  You do not need to purchase the ticket online, as no seat reservations are required.  You may simply buy the ticket from the TrenItalia office at the Rome airport.

By Bus
  • In order to take a bus/coach to Pescara, you will first need to take the train from Roma Fiumicino airport to Roma Tiburtina station.  This is NOT the “Leonardo Express” train.  The ride takes less than 45 minutes and a train leaves every half hour.  The fare is under €6.  Upon arrival at Roma Tiburtina, exit the train station and walk outside to the bus/coach station.  Among the various offices, you will see an “ARPA” office.  Go inside and ask for a ticket to Pescara.  The ride costs €15 per person and takes about 2:30 hours – with only 1 intermediary stop in Chieti Scalo.  You can get schedule information at  Click on “Orari delle corse”.  Then under “Fermate di Partenza”, highlight “Roma – Staz. Tiburtina” and under “Fermate di Arrivo”, highlight “Pescara-P.le Repubblica”.

Note: Whether you take the train or the bus/coach, you will arrive at Pescara Centrale station, which is directly in Pescara City Center, just a few minutes walk to dining, shopping, and the beach.  In Pescara Centrale station, there is an Easy Car Rental car office.  Just exit the station and turn to your left.  You may pre-reserve your rental car at 

By Car